13-Year Old Brown Co. Boy to Be Tried As An Adult in Murder

WFIU/NPR (Note: The lede to this story is omitted. See the previous post for background.)

Photo by Emily Loftis

NASHVILLE, IN. In a hearing ruling issued last week, Judge Judith Stewart said the violent nature of Blade Reed’s actions and his history of abuse and aggressive behavior make the risk of recidivism is too high for a juvenile detention sentence to be in the community’s best interest.  Stewart also says the juvenile detention would allow less time for Blade’s rehabilitation.

Reed’s attorney, Jim Roberts disagreed with the Judge. “I’m sad.  I’m saddened for Blade and to some extent I’m saddened for the community,” said Roberts. “I feel that if this community is to be judged by how it treats its children then this doesn’t really speak very well for the county.  And that’s bad.  I believe that Blade is much more of a victim…

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