Direction of 13-Year-Old’s Trial Rests With Brown County Judge


Blade Reed is ushered out of the Nashville courthouse. Photo by Emily Loftis

NASHVILLE, IN. A Brown County judge is set to decide whether a 13-year-old boy from Nashville facing allegations of murder will be tried as an adult or as a juvenile.

Judge Judith Stewart heard arguments on whether the community and the boy’s best interest would better served in adult or juvenile court.  The law presumes any child at least ten years old who is charged with murder should be waived into adult court unless the defense can prove it’s in the child’s and the community’s best interest for him to stay in the juvenile system.

Blade Reed has been charged with murder after accompanying his brother, Bennie, to the home of Richard and Mary Voland on November 15th, when Bennie admits he shot the couple, killing Richard.  Blade cut Mary’s throat, but not deep enough to kill her, as Bennie had ordered him.  The 13-year old later told police he didn’t want to take the woman’s life…

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